To The Bonfires

Staeorra Rokraven

A circle gathered round a roaring pit
All joining hands to bask within it's glow
And under Moon crowned sky all starry lit
We sing and praise the Power's shadowed flow.

For some the flames form dancing Dragon's wing
And other smoke wrought visions climb the air
For all a caring closeness will this bring
And psychic current bonding hearts to share.

We charge this timeless place between the worlds
To call the Goddess' love within our hearts
And join with her our joyous souls unfurled
Our spirits dance with her by ancient arts.

This night forever captured in this glade
To see old souls re-met and friendships made.

J.A. Bordeaux (S.R.)
Quote of the moment:
Christians are God's ambassadors, not His policemen.

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