Traveling Chant

Julia Phillips

Some time ago I promised to post some of the BoS material I have which (allegedly) pre-dates Gardner. No guarantees <g>, but I was told that this chant dates from the 1920s:

Let's ride, let's ride, to the Sabbat tonight,
we'll ride over hill, over dale.
We'll ride to the feasting and ride to the dance,
and ride to the October ale.

Let's dance, let's dance at the Sabbat tonight,
We'll sing with a heart full and glad.
We'll sing and we'll love through the chill autumn night,
and remember the loves we have had.

Let's ride, let's ride when the Sabbat is done,
let's ride back to hearth and to home.
Let's ride back together all under the stars,
and wait for the next Sabbat to come.

I think it's rather a nice chant, whenever it was written.

B*B Julia
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