War Torn

Savannah Skye

We stand alone under flags of disjoined countries
Manipulated by leaders prepensely dividing humanity

Under gray skies filled with stealth bombers of peace
That loom over stark patriotic lies

In a war torn world marred by greed
Littered with corporate profiteers of death

Who punch holes in our wall of peace
With their iron fists of war

Brick by brick, they're trying to knock it down
As we fumble with words and stumble over weapons

In shopping malls brimming with sweatshop goods
That are bought with oil soaked greenbacks
While bloodied bodies float in the sands of Fallujah
Rotting flesh picked at by hungry vultures
Outraged Umms search amongst the carnage
Heart wrenched, wailing out for lost sons and daughters
Above them angels with crippled wings won't look down
Their eyes are shamed by what they've left behind

Surely no Medal of Honor pinned upon their dead bodies will stop familial tears
They will flow freely from Mothers' eyes who are left behind to bury their children

With scorned hands that pray for an end to these non-sensical wars
Behind veils of mourning that mask their sunken war torn eyes

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