Gwydyon Masengale

A Warrior is born with Three Things,
A Body, A Mind, and A Spirit...

With these three things a Warrior is to build a Life,
A Life of Balance, A Life of Peace, A Life of Will.

A Warrior is born with Three Things,
A Body...

Speed, Dexterity, and Reflexes, these are the gifts of the Gods to A Warrior. Skills can be learned, but the gifts are rare, and are to be honed to the sharpest of edges and used to build...
A Life of Balance.

A physical battle is quite simply an exercise, in which A Warrior is given the opportunity to use the gifts of the Gods, and test the skills learned on this plane. It will at times be necessary to use the gifts and the skills known to A Warrior to build...
A Life of Peace.

Through training, the development of the gifts and skills combined can become a formidable weapon. Perfect Balance, Peace of Mind, and An Indomitable Spirit are necessary for A Warrior to build...
A Life of Will...

A Warrior is born with Three Things,
A Mind...

Intellect, Creativity, and Common Sense, these are the compasses and maps given A Warrior to help in navigating this existence. In life A Warrior will make mistakes. The way these mistakes are handled will set the tone of countless lives determining the measure of A Warrior's steel. A Warrior will accept responsibility for the actions taken, learn from them, and use the experience to build...
A Life of Balance.

A Warrior must constantly endeavor to learn all that is to be learned of the path ahead, always drawing inspiration from the path which lies behind. For strength is the knowledge drawn from the past, and discretion is the wisdom of the future which empowers the Warrior to build...
A Life of Peace.

A Warriors mind is to be constantly sharpened, for the mind alone IS the most formidable weapon the Warrior will ever posses. The balance of knowledge and wisdom is the tempering of the steel that makes A Warrior, lending the strength necessary to build...
A Life of Will.

A Warrior is Born With Three Things,
A Spirit...

A Warrior will carry a shield of Honor. The strength of which is in perfect balance with the Honor of the Warrior.

The Warrior will carry a sword of Truth. With an edge that mirrors the inner peace and honesty of the Warrior.

A Warrior will wear a helmet of Integrity. With power matched only by the will of the Warrior.

While battles can be fought and won with the well trained body. While wars can be waged and won with the tempered and sharpened mind. The most perilous test A Warrior will face is the test of the Spirit. Here the Gods give no gifts. A Warrior will have only the strengths of the spirit that have been developed in the short life on the physical plane.

A Warrior is born with Three Things,
A Body, A Mind, and A Spirit...

With these Three Things A Warrior must build a Life,
A Life Eternal...

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