When Saturn Ruled Aquarius


The Kiss of Saturn is hot, black, fierce, deep
A hint of Wild Ass
In her blue-black hair
Breasts soft as black Lead

Molten hips steaming with empowerment
Belly bold with Lust
That heals...and heals...and heals
Uranus! She cries.

"Wild Ass!" I reply. "I am set on you!"
My Wild Ass prances
"For I am Set, my Nepthys
My sweet Wild Ass

I come to claim your dark powers tonight
In Binah tonight
For we are in Binah
Deep set in Binah

Saturn am I! Shivah am I! I AM!
I am Atman! THAT!
I claim you Dark Nepthys
THAT we may be ONE!"

In Atman hide the Secrets of Maya
Terrible Maya
(When we are in Her Claws)
Is kind in Atman

There is a reversal in Atman
Of subtle beauty
Maya becomes God's Will
And I am as God

In Atman. I am as God, Will Supreme
Soft as a Feather
Strong, gentle, wise and firm,
Free! I am Atman!

I am Atman. I am Free. I am He.
In Atman, I AM
As God in Atman.
Free! I am Atman!

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