El-Sharra WhiteRaven

She Whispered,
And the sun's fire quickened.
She Whispered,
And the seas answered.
She Whispered,
And the lands rose;
And the mountains rose;
And in the sky the moon rose.
She Whispered,
And there was life.
She Whispered,
And we were born.
She Whispered,
And we head her call.
And we answered;
And we rejoiced;
And we sang;
And we lived with Her.
She Whispered,
And we followed;
She Whispered
And fewer heard.
She Whispered
And some were hunted.
And then some turned,
And some fled,
And some hid;
And some died.
She Whispered,
And few heard.
She Yelled,
She Screamed,
She cried,
And still few heard.
And then She was silent.
And we stopped;
And we listened;
And we looked;
And inside of us we found Her.
And we listened very closely,
And we heard Her whispering;
And we Whispered back.
And She sang,
And we sang with Her.

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