Deep Fried Candied Plantains

Savannah Skye


  • 1 big pot
  • 1 big bottle of corn, palm or coconut oil
  • as many browned plantains as you want to make
  • a box of brown sugar

*note - plantains shouldn't be squishy/too soft to slice proplerly... as they don't slice well/fry well...

  1. slice browned plantains chip style while heating a pot of chosen oil to bubbling point...
  2. when oil is to bubbling point pour in as much brown sugar as you want and stir well
  3. then add the plantains and deep fry until they're as deep fried as you want them

*note - the brown sugar will coat each and every plantain fully and when cooling will become "deep fried candied plantains"...

- happy eats

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