Deity Engineering Worksheet

Amber K

  1. What qualities or aspects of reality does your Goddess, God or Spirit embody?
  2. What special abilities of powers does s/he have?
  3. Describe Her or His appearance:
    1. Body build & special attributes (tail, wings etc.):
    2. Facial features & hair:
    3. Apparent age:
    4. Clothing, if any:
    5. Jewelry & objects carried any:
  4. How does s/he move?
  5. What is Her / His voice like?
  6. What correspondences are appropriate for each of the following?
    1. animals:
    2. Herbs, flowers:
    3. Trees:
    4. Colors:
    5. Elements:
    6. Direction:
    7. Mudra:
    8. Sacred objects:
    9. Season:
    10. Day of the week:
    11. Time of night or day:
    12. Gem or stone:
    13. Features of the natural environment:
    14. Smell and taste:
  7. Describe Her / His temple or sacred space:
  8. Does s/he have any special relationships to other Deities or Spirits, or to humans?
  9. Name this Entity:
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