Zodiac: Gemini

Maggie Yanor


Always remember, your SUN SIGN is only the tip of the iceberg! There is much more to you than meets the eye. What follows is a brief description of some "SUN SIGN" characteristics. It does NOT mean that every person born under this sign is exactly like this. A person's Astrological make-up is very complex and can be a combination of several signs depending on the time and place of birth. Most of us apt to behave more like our "SUN SIGNS" when we are around those we are most familiar with such as family and friends. Other factors come into play when we are with strangers.

Welcome Gemini

The last debate you were in, did your opponent switch sides so subtley that no-one even noticed? You just noticed, and here it is, two days later! When a GEMINI discovers that he/she is coming to the end of their fountain of knowledge, they pull a switcheroo. They are very good at doing this, usually having plenty of practice. The "Twins" know a little about a lot, but not a lot about a little. There is a definite talent towards smooth talk. You get the feeling that they could sell a load of manure to a farmer with a field full.

A GEMINI characteristic is to be as busy as possible. A multitude of interests and involvements usually lead this soul to be run off his/her feet. There is one drawback, he/she has a heck of a time completing anything, (it gets too boring and predictable--why finish?). GEMINI'S scatter their energy and if they are not taught to complete things at a young age, then they will rarely ever finish anything completely. Even a new job stands little chance of holding its appeal, regardless of how exciting it may have been initially. Once a GEMINI has figured out what has to be done to make everything run smoothly, it's on to greener pastures.

GEMINI'S are the wits of the Zodiac and have wonderful artistic abilities. Many are also accomplished orators and debaters. John F. Kennedy was an excellent example of this. Other notable GEMINIS include; Bob Hope, Joan Rivers, Michael J. Fox, and James Belushi.

GEMINI is the sign of the twins, indicating duality in all things. This can be a mixed blessing. It often allows them to perform several tasks at the same time without losing their concentration. On the other hand, they can also have difficulty with their identities, (Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe are two examples).

Every Astrological sign has a dominance over a part of the body. GEMINI rules the arms and the lungs. This means that GEMINIS often have an allergy to smoke, and many are either left-handed or ambidexterous. This can also mean injuries to the arms.

Maggie Yanor, B.A.,B.Ed.

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