Satan & The Little Green Men!

The Connection Exposed!

Val Dobson

Old Nick and the inhabitants of UFOs have a lot in common - although there is no objective proof for the existence of either, both can claim millions of fervent believers. These believers credit their chosen belief-object with amazing powers, and a desire to rule the world by covert means.

There is little cross-over between the two belief systems. Practically all Christians ignore the UFO phenomenon - they're not in the Bible and they are obviously demonic manifestations, anyway; UFO nuts are interested only in "hard"-science explanations - what does religion have to do with technology-advanced space beings? There is no mutual interest, and the two camps refuse to even acknowledge one anothers existence.

Yet there is much common ground. Take for instance the US cattle mutilations mystery, where cattle in the American Southwest are found mysteriously dead, with holes drilled in the bodies and blood and organs apparently missing. Significantly, there may be no human tracks about.

The Satan-watching fundamentalists declare that these incidents are the work of Satanist groups performing ghastly rituals upon the hapless animals - helicopters and giant extending ladders make sure there are no footprints to be found.

UFO enthusiasts insist the mutilations are the work of aliens performing horrific vivisection experiments upon the hapless animals -levitating force-beams make sure there are no footprints to be found.

As to why Satanists/aliens should want to do these things, both sides offer identical conclusions: "Who knows the mind of a Satanist/alien?" And both sides choose to ignore unexciting explanations involving poachers, parasites, wild animals, and human error.

Then again, take many UFO abduction stories. Usually, somebody contacts some well known UFO investigator and explains that one night, they saw strange lights in the sky, felt unexplained terror and have been suffering from nightmares and strange symptoms ever since. The investigator talks to them, puts them through numerous hypnotic regression sessions, analyses their dreams. From all this he deduces that the person has actually been abducted into an alien spacecraft, subjected to painful physical examination and probes (usually concentrating on the sexual organs) and had their conscious memory of the occasion wiped before being returned to Earth.

Compare this scenario to the numerous "I was a victim of evil Satanists" stories. Someone contacts a Christian occult investigator, explains that they once played with a Ouija board/tarot deck/sat on a bus next to a witch, felt unexplained terror, since when they have been suffering nightmares and strange symptoms. The investigator puts the person through numerous regressions sessions, administers much counselling and healing, and analyses their dreams. From all this, he deduces that the person was forced to take part in horrible Satanic rituals, where bizarre-looking people chanting in a strange tongue did unpleasant things to their victims body (usually concentrating on the sexual organs), afterwards administering drugs/hypnosis to wipe conscious memories of the occasion.

Seen in this light, the story of American Kathie Davies' encounters with aliens makes interesting reading for anybody aquainted with "Devil worshippers-ate-my-baby" stories.

In 1983 "Kathie" (a pseudonym) contacted UFO investigator Bud Hopkins, telling him that a UFO landed in her garden, leaving visible traces on the ground. She also told him that she believed that this had not been the first time she had had contact with aliens. Over the next four years, hypnotic regression and dream analysis enabled Hopkins to extract from Davies an incredible story. According to this story, Kathie had experienced various types of alien contact from an early age.

At age two or three, her mother had protected her from a "threat from the sky" by hiding her in a closet; at age six, she wandered away from home and met a little grey-skinned alien (disguised as a small boy) who cut her leg; at age sixteen, she went on a car ride with three young men who acted strangely. Two years later, she was on another car ride when she was abducted by little grey-skinned aliens, who subjected her to a painful gynaecological probe; her two companions in the car were kept unaware of her disappearance. Four months later, she was abducted again by the same aliens and again intimately probed.

Hopkins interpretation of this was that Kathie had been artificially inseminated at the first abduction and had had her unborn child removed at the second abduction. He writes about this: "I guessed what had happened, and shortly after I brought Kathie out of the trance she conformed this. They had taken her baby." The next year, when she was pregnant with her son Bobbie (she was married by this time and Bobbies father was entirely human), she was abducted a third time and had her nostrils probed. A year later, pregnant with her second son, she received a series of peculiar phone calls consisting of a guttural voice moaning something indecipherable; her second child was subsequently born with a speech defect that made him sound strangely like the unknown caller. In June 1983, the UFO landing that caused her to contact Hopkins occurred; she was abducted a fourth time and had her ear probed.

Hopkins believes that something was implanted in Kathie during both this and the earlier nostril probing. Three months later she went into a local shop for some shopping, to realise with horror that the "shopkeeper" was an alien and his "shop" a spaceship. She hurried home, to be later abducted for the fifth time. In the spaceship she was medically examined, had a small cut made in her neck, and was shown the artificially created child that had been taken from her in 1978. A month after this, she dreamed that the aliens came to her bedroom and removed ova from her while she was sleeping, also kidnapping her younger son. The child was abducted again in 1986, after which Kathy had a final, momentous dream: she is taken into the spaceship, shown two babies, told there are seven more and informed that they are all hers. Later that year her elder son starts seeing lights in the sky, has mysterious nosebleeds and dreams of red tarantulas.

Such is the Kathie Davies story. Regular ORCRO readers will notice a familiar pattern. There are all the kidnappings (unnoticed by anyone else), the forced insertion of various instruments into the various orifices, the encounters with strange and threatening people who were not what they appeared to be. Then there is the artificial insemination which results in a pregnancy which even Kathie herself notices at the time, followed by forced abortion of a foetus that is used for unknown purposes. There is also the investigators treatment of the case; Hopkins accepts the most outlandish and unsubstantiated claims as facts, does not bother with independent corroboration for any part of Kathies evidence, "interprets" her dreams and memories to fit his preconceived beliefs and persuades her to accept his interpretation as real, factual occurrences; she then goes on to produce more "proof" for him in the form of dreams and strange happenings.

Largely for his work with Kathie Davies, Bud Hopkins is today honoured and recognised as one of the worlds top UFO investigators. His books are bestsellers, he is a consultant speaker at seminars and conferences; he is the man to go to if you have ever been kidnapped by aliens (especially the small grey-skinned type). "Kathie Davies" of course also has a small niche in the UFOLOGIC hall of fame, as the first human woman (there were others afterwards) known to have been used by aliens for breeding purposes; she is justifiably a legend.

It is most tempting to wonder what might have happened if Kathie had contacted not Bud Hopkins but (say) Larry Jones or Maureen Davies, or any other of the "cult-cops" or self-styled "anti-satanists" who are fervent believers in Satan and satanic abuse. In response to their careful, sensitive questioning and expert therapeutic counselling, would she still have produced a story of being kidnapped, probed and inseminated by little grey-skinned aliens? Or would she (O foolish thought!) have remembered that she in fact spent years being drugged, abused and raped by baby-eating Satanists? O foolish, foolish thought.....


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