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The WITCHHNT mailing list (was witchhunt): The purpose of this mailing list is a free an open discussion of the question "Have the efforts to prevent child sexual abuse created a witchhunt?" Although the title of the mailing list indicates my personal view on a portion of this issue, all viewpoints are encouraged.

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Issues related to this question include:

  • Ritual abuse in nursery schools (eg. McMartin preschool, Little Rascals, and Fells Acres cases).
  • Other potential sources of false accusations of child sexual abuse.
  • "Recovered vs Implanted memories"
  • Are defendants in these cases treated fairly?
  • Are the allegations themselves true or false?
  • What is the scientific basis for verifying/falsifying and allegation?
  • What has happened in a given case?


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*WARNING: Witchhunt is a public mailing list. Subscribers may ( and do)reuse or repost messages elsewhere. Those involved in or anticipating litigation should keep this in mind as your post could end up in your adversary's hands (I know this has happened on other lists). Remember a clever attorney can probably locate your computer accounts and find your "screen names."

  • Things that should not be posted are
  • Anything meant to harass someone.
  • Anything meant to assist or promote illegal activities.
  • Anything meant to directly lobby, influence legislation, or affect an election (this is an MIT policy meant to achieve compliance with the tax code). To the best of my knowledge postings arguing in favor of a law ARE PERMITTED; postings telling people to write or send money to a public official ARE NOT PERMITTED. As you can see the line if very fine. Postings encouraging letters of support or cards to victims of a witchhunt are usually permitted, as the victims are in no position to make policy.

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