The Lair Of Great C'thulu

(sung to the tune of "Chatanooga Choo-Choo")


Pardon me boy -
Is this the lair of Great Cthulu?
In the city of slime,
Where it is night all the time.

Bob Hope never went
Along the road to Great Cthulu
And Triple-A has no maps,
And all the Tcho-tchos lay traps.

You'll see an ancient sunken city where the angles are wrong.
You'll see the fourth dimension if you're there very long.
Come to the conventacle.
Bring along your pentacle;
Otherwise you'll be dragged off by a tentacle.

A mountian's in the middle, with a house on the peak:
A gnashin' and a thrashin' and a clackn' of beak.
Your soul you will be lackin'
When you see that mighty kraken.
Oo oo! Great Cthulu's starting to speak.

So come on aboard,
Along the road to Great Cthulhu.
Wen-di-gos and dholes
Will make Big Macs of our souls.

Under the sea,
Down in the ancient city of R'lyeh
In the lair of Great Cthulu,
They'll suck your soul away!

(Great Cthulu, Great Cthulu -
Suck your soul!-
Great Cthulu, Great Cthulu)
In the lair of Great Cthulu,
They'll suck your soul away.

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