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(This is for all you hockey fans out there)

One day in hell while Satan is making his rounds he comes across a Farmer from Saskatchewan, who does not appear at all discomforted by the heat while performing his labors in hell. Satan asks the farmer why he doesn't seem bothered by the heat. The farmer says, "Why this is just a like a typical summer day in Saskatchewan."

Hearing this, Satan proceeds to crank up the fires of hell to get to the farmer. A little while later, Satan checks in on the farmer, who is still happily working away at his labors, with only a little trickle of sweat coming off his brow. Satan asks again why the farmer is not bothered by the heat. The farmer replies, "Oh this is nothing, this is just a like a hot summer's day in Saskatchewan."

The devil gets pretty upset about this so he turns the heat way down He goes back to the farmer who is still happily performing his labors. Satan asks again. The farmer replies, "Oh this is just like a typical winter day in Saskatchewan."

Satan's pretty perturbed by now so he turns the heat right off. Icicles form everywhere. The fires of hell are covered with a thick layer of ice. All the minor demons and devils are wearing the over-coats and long johns. Satan heads back to the farmer and sees him jumping up and down all excited. Satan asks why he is so happy?


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