Satanism, A Personal Definition


Please keep in mind that Satanism is a *very* individualistic religion, and if you asked 50 Satanists what Satanism is, you'd probably get 60 different responses. As a solitaire Satanist, I'll have a go at this.. but I'm pretty bad at trying to summarize what I believe, so please feel free to ask me questions.

For me, these are the most important things I believe as a Satanist: *I believe in Satan as a literal entity. Many other Satanists do not, esp. those from the LaVey school of thought.

  • Satan is NOT a fallen angel, or a lesser created being, but instead a deity with as much power (for lack of a better word) as any other. He is the Shadow, a Destroying Deity.. and by such destruction, he purifies, for death of anything leads the way for rebirth. He is a symbol of rebellion, of pride, and of righteous anger. He brings freedom, in many different ways.
  • My first care is to myself, for if I am unable to serve myself, I have no basis by which to judge the actions of others. I strive for excellence, in a sense, very close to what Setians call "Xeper".
  • I believe in free will, with the understanding that "with freedom comes responsibility". I do not accept the threefold law, or any specific prohibitions like "harm none". In relating to others, I use the rule "do unto others AS they do unto you". If I am harmed or treated with dishonor, I will not continue to treat such persons in a way that is more than they deserve. Revenge, at the proper time and in a fitting manner, is acceptable behavior. If there are consequences to such revenge, I will accept them responsibly.
  • I will endeavor to be honorable about my own actions, and I will expect the same behavior from others.
  • I see Satan in Nature, in the floods, hurricanes, volcanoes, and tidal waves. I see fundamental laws in Nature, that death is as necessary as life. I am humbled and empowered by this, for though it blindly destroys, it is yet a part of me, as deity is immanent and transcendent to me. Satan the transcendent is that excellence that I strive for, Satan the immanent is the spark in me that strives.
  • I am polytheistic. The divine, to me, is like a jewel with many facets, each a part of us, each with something to teach us. No such lesson, to me , is greater or lesser than any other; but are instead more or less appropriate for a person at a given time.

There is a great deal more I could say, and in greater detail, but this covers a large part of Satanism to me. Of course, I'm sure that Diane Vera, Sheryl, Balanone, and others will have different beliefs than I do. It seems that individualism and personal pride seem to be the link between most serious Satanists.


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