Cool Trail, So Far

~Lom Bachall Bard~

I cannot blame drink for this letter I'm writing
Nor can I say that it's sleep that I'm fighting
The truth is, you see I am sober, awake
So I must choose carefully the path that I take

For years I have had a belief that won't fail
That life is a lot like a walk down a trail
You share your hike on the trail with someone
Then they veer off, be they father,sister or son

Continue along till you meet someone new
Then you share your trail with that person, too
Enjoying the stars,the trees, and the weather
You hike along, new friends together

Until you know they must take a new route
They say their goodbyes, because they know the truth
That the future's uncertain, but nobody knows
How steep their trail is, or where their path goes

And so, as no one knows where their trail might end
They might also believe that they might see again
An old freind become new just over the hill
Where the trails rejoin , near a riverside mill

So we may not know fully just where our path leads
Or how long it winds on, through the forests and trees
But sometimes the trail is too long for one life
And a traveller goes on, even into his next life

When a hiker recognizes a familiar old soul
That he knows he has walked with so long ago
He believes he remembers just where the path leads
To a fork in the trail , just ahead in the trees

One must believe that the trail leads on forever
Sometimes travelled alone, sometimes shared together
This trail of life is a circle, but that's fine
Always meeting old friends again for the first time

So if in a future life you might be walking
A trail, and behind you, you hear me talking
It seems I was right, and we will both see
Just what happens when you share your trail with me.

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