Precocious Echos of Regress


Sweltering shades of vision:
Shabby slant of posture bleak;
rested upon all comforts lost;
A story told, multitudinal fractions gaze:
A sequential spectacle of merth transfixed in mask of tranquility;

Voices ring unanswered on the walls;
a seeping of caress be the moment's motive;
a dulled flex of nerves, no jolt of subject draws of subject;
deeper becomes the dreary haze fixed of intentions;
deep into the core of sustratum's peelings is the mirror of
Mixed is the subtrafuge of memories awashed scantly;

downcast in view becomes the subject,
mirror of want seen in expression in face's distortion;
a tear, falls of the right cheek, gently so gently;

One man watching stumbles the claim loss of understanding;
One man the wiser, stipulates death of intellect;
Another loud in reasoning quarrels forth of teachings;

One speaks of loss of spirit of self, lost in horrors;
One hastly bades forth of swaying of minds of the subject, not true to their selfs;

Stilled is the lips beyond the mirror's gaze;
pondered is the cause of this loss of attention;
What was the motivation of saddness, of loss of subject;

obscure is the core revelation of thoughts;
the foundation of reasons sought and lost, and gain again;
many eyes surface to surround the subject, peering, and peering;

One figure enters in, smiles and says, come home son, come home,
the weary ways of wondering are lost, confident is the gait of
Far away is the reasoning of self, yet still prevalent is the
core, the heart of the matter; the Soul and heart;
Peering, this one shows the subject, not as a subject at all!
mere words, words written on the heart, fastens the soul in grip;
the concience mind and soul, breathes of light transfixed in Heaven!
See, we all are of special and unigue mettle, born of cause, of Heavenly cause,
and nothing will withdraw this from us!
A new figure walks out of the room, changed, shining of character and purpose...

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