Eternal Ethereal Worship


Escaping from the castle one midnight long ago,
An enchanted maiden ran swiftly to the darkened forest.
Eyes adjusting to the obscurity, she tripped through whirls of fog,
Glancing up to the Full Moon for the Esbat and praying to the Goddess for sight,
With melodic chants that seeped from her roselit, parted lips.
Destined for the cave, she continued on the voyage as she sought her one true love,
Monstrous in sight to most, but unconditional beauty in her sparkling eyes.
Skipping through patches of emerald and indigo,
Amethyst, heliotrope, cerulean, gold;
Rainbows of velvet petals were kicked up beneath her delicate feet.
Arriving at the gaping entrance in the rocky mountainside,
A blazing bonfire greeted her.
Silhouettes of flames danced in the reflection of her eyes.
An ambiance began to emit from the dainty moonstone amulet
Hung round the porcelain skin of her slender neckline.
The passion inside her burned, the fervor almost scalding
As she knew her beloved was but mere footsteps away.
Her jewel's illumination lit the way, enshrouded in wisps of mist,
As she ventured inside the cavern.

Once inside, a muted light was seen
And her eyes set upon the glistening gleam from atop his copper, metallic scales,
So rough on her soft fingertips, but she knew the tenderness beneath
The protective armor covering-
He had revealed the passionate love he held inside for his precious, spirited maiden.
A love so forbidden, so intense, but they persevered and pursued,
Refusing to ever release the ardor they felt for one another.
The fair, auburn-haired maiden clasped her radiant stone,
Aware that the time of transformation was upon them.
Bathed in light and beaming, she began to chant under her breath,
Calling to the Goddess in barely an audible whisper, so deep in thought.
Her precious love could only watch and smile in anticipation,
Not wanting to shatter the concentration or destroy the long-awaited magick.
He gazed in amazement at his love, the mutation finally completed.
The maiden, so beautiful, once standing before him, now seemed so blithe.
Pixie-like, cloaked in celestial glow, transparent wings,
She floated through the gentle breeze and landed upon the tip of his snout.
Kissing his eyelashes, she proclaimed her unending love.

Amidst scents of ginger and lavender they lived,
Such inconceivable love, yet so pure, so real.
Such vehemence never felt by any other,
Never matched through history or time.
Almost impossible, but if one sincerely believes,
In the charmed forest 'neath the silvery moonbeams,
With the power of the Goddess at hand, one could truly see.
Among faerie dust, flourishing jade leaves and violets,
Through curls of fog and shades of mist,
The shadows of such unimaginable lovers could be viewed.
For another will never comprehend, none shall ever feel,
Such overpowering love that subsisted in medieval times,
For a pair so extraordinary, yet so perfectly matched--
The astral maiden and her protector, her sentinel,
Her one star-met love:
The Firefly and the Dragon.

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