Zodiac: Aquarius

Maggie Yanor


Always remember, your SUN SIGN is only the tip of the iceberg! There is much more to you than meets the eye. What follows is a brief description of some "SUN SIGN" characteristics. It does NOT mean that every person born under this sign is exactly like this. A person's Astrological make-up is very complex and can be a combination of several signs depending on the time and place of birth. Most of us apt to behave more like our "SUN SIGNS" when we are around those we are most familiar with such as family and friends. Other factors come into play when we are with strangers.

Welcome Aquarius

The child in us can be brought out by those AQUARIANS around us. The "water-carrier" approaches every situation with an almost childlike innocence. The Adults of this sign have a characteristic which can be called "boyishness" or "girlishness". Young AQUARIANS often appear to be lost in space as they plan alone, watch television, or converse with each other. This trait comes in handy as a camouflage. Whenever the big "water-bearers" wish to retreat from the world, T.V., a good book, or even work are used as a cover. Trying to talk to them during one of these states will evoke no response. Remember, this takes lots of practice. These folks can hear you, make no mistake, it's their cover. They also have an ability to hang on to your every word should you engage them in a stimulating conversation. They will ignore everything else around, including a crowd of five thousand. AQUARIANS are curious about anything and everything they know and double that for things they don't know. This sign is considered to be twenty years ahead of all the others. Is it any wonder that it is called the sign of the "absent-minded scientist". These people have been known to leave the house with mis-matched shoes, socks, etc.

Recognize these famous, non-assuming AQUARIANS? Wayne Gretsky, Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman, Tom Selleck, Ronald Reagan, Clark Gable, John Travolta, Neil Diamond, Mia Farrow, Alan Alda, Farrah Fawcett, Christie Brinkley, Carol Channing, Vanessa Redgrave, Gregory Hines.

AQUARIANS have an ability to be great friends with both males and females, and they are generally not jealous. This can however, cause fits for their mates who may be the jealous type. They are very attracted to people who are interesting and well-travelled. These are the humanitarians of the Zodiac. They will help anyone with a "cause", however, if the people they are helping require long term help, they will suggest that they start helping themselves soon.

Every Astrological sign has dominance over a part of the body. AQUARIUS rules the lower leg. Many poorly aspected AQUARIANS may have bow legs.

Maggie Yanor, B.A., B.Ed.

If you would like to know more about this or any other sign, you can arrange to have a Chart drawn up by contacting me through the "JOVIAN Astrology BBS", or by writing to:

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