Zodiac: Libra

Maggie Yanor


Always remember, your SUN SIGN is only the tip of the iceberg! There is much more to you than meets the eye. What follows is a brief description of some "SUN SIGN" characteristics. It does NOT mean that every person born under this sign is exactly like this. A person's Astrological make-up is very complex and can be a combination of several signs depending on the time and place of birth. Most of us apt to behave more like our "SUN SIGNS" when we are around those we are most familiar with such as family and friends. Other factors come into play when we are with strangers.

Welcome Libra

These are the "peacemakers" of the Zodiac. The Scales of Justice, (LIBRA), hate to fight, need a sense of balance in their lives, and hate to lose control. Doesn't it seem appropriate that many Lawyers are born under this sign. The courtroom is the only place that arguing is acceptable. LIBRAS hate personal conflict so much that they will put up with and agree with almost anything to avoid a confrontation.

This sign is said to have more good looking people than any other. It is also a sign that rules music. Many musicians and artists are LIBRAS. Some famous examples are John Lennon, John Cougar Mellencamp, and Bruce Springsteen. Other attractive LIBRAS include; Brigitte Bardot, Marie Osmond, Suzanne Sommers, Cheryl Tiegs, Christopher Reeve, Julie Andrews, and Mickey Mantle.

LIBRAS are said to be in love with love. Astrologically, they need to have a relationship on the go, however, they often play a very passive role once a relationship starts. The relationship is important but it shouldn't require too much work. When there is a lot of effort required, they resort to being tactful and diplomatic, and attract partners who will make all of the decisions. LIBRAS have a very hard time being decisive and often are baffled when too many choices are offered, having a very difficult time making up their minds.

Every Astrological sign has dominance over a part of the body. LIBRA rules the kidney and liver. This makes them very susceptible to diseases such as hepatitis and kidney infections.

Maggie Yanor, B.A., B.Ed.

If you would like to know more about this or any other sign, you can arrange to have a Chart drawn up by contacting me through the "JOVIAN Astrology BBS", or by writing to:

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