Distance Healing


Note: this ritual is an action whose end result affects another. Please make sure the recipient of these healing energies actually wants them.

Special Tools

  • Three white candles
  • A picture of the recipient (If you don't have one, write the recipient's name and birthdate on a piece of paper, and visualize him/her)
  • A quartz crystal (optional)
  • Rose, Eucalyptus, Gardenia or Peppermint incense, for healing

The Irish Goddess Brigid is a healing Goddess, as is the Sumerian Goddess Nanna. You can invoke Her with either of these names before this rite for extra healing power.

The Ritual

Light the candles in a semi-circle in front of you.

Place the incense off to one side, and place the picture inside the semi-circle, facing you, with the crystal on it.

Breathe deeply to center and then raise energy however works best for you - chanting, singing, drumming, dancing, whatever

When you have reached your peak energy, direct it to the picture or the piece of paper. I find it helpful to direct the energy through my fingertips, visualizing a healing blue-white light streaming through me and into the recipient.

Directing it through a piece of quartz enhances the distance the energy can travel.

Visualize the candles forming a protective ring of fire around the recipient, blocking all harm and pain.

Visualize the healing light coming through you and finding the source of the illness or pain in the recipient, coating it, relieving the pain and filling the recipient with energy and life.

You probably will be very tired after this, so eat a piece of fruit or bread and drink some juice or wine to ground and revive yourself.

Thank the Goddess, if you invoked her.

It is done.

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