Exercises For Elemental Absorption, & Projection

Our Lady of Enchantment, Magick of Sorcery Course #2


This exercise is very important to the art of magickal influencese. It is through the absorption and projection of the elements that certain metaphysical forces are drawn towards manifestation.

  1. Absorbing Fire:
  2. Sit comfortably and imagine yourself in the center of a sphere of fire ( nothing exists but you and the sphere). Inhale, imaginiing that this fire is drawn into your body.. Imagine that you are hollow and being filled with fire Keep count of how many breaths (with a string of beads) it takes you to become filled with fire.
    While you are inhaling an element imagine the desired characteristic which corresponds to it. Mentally fix it and emotionally fix it. Once you have completed this stage, visualize yourself (inside & out) glowing red. Now you are ready to project the element. Exhale upon the object, glowing with it. With each act of exhaling count again with the beads. You must exhale exactly as many times as you inhaled.
  3. 2) Absorbing Air:
  4. This is done the same as with Fire except you will inhale air and see yourself as expanding with the Air. You will have the sensation of growing lighter. There will be no temperature change.
  5. 3) Absorbing Water:
  6. Same above method. Imagine the sensation of coldness filling you. Become heavy but fluid, feeling the weight of movement.
  7. 4) Absorbing Earth:
  8. Same manner as the others, Imagine the sensation of weight, feel loose soil pouring in like sand in an hour glass. Do not imagine clay earth as this has water in it. Do not imagine tempeture change.

Enjoy the Magick!

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