Handfast Ritual


This is adapted from "Magical Rites from the Crystal Well" by Ed Fitch and is a combination of their Handfast ritual and American Indian ceremonial prelude. I'll skip over the consecration as it is a standard one and get straight to the ritual itself. We had a Priestess only, so this was written with that in mind but could easily be adapted for a Priest and Priestess.

At this time and in this place
Do we call upon the Spirits of the Land
As well as the Mighty Ones of the Skies.
We call upon the Gods of our own distant past
From lands far away.
We call upon the Gods of our spiritual brethren
Who once called this place
Their own.
Witness and rejoice with us in this moment
As love is affirmed.

Groom's name and Bride's name step forward.

Stand before the Gods and those who witness on Earth.

Groom's name, if it is your wish to become one with this woman Will you pledge your love through all that may come As long as love shall last?

<Groom replies: I so pledge>

Bride's name, if it is your wish to become one with this man Will you pledge your love through all that may come As long as love shall last?

<Bride replies: I so pledge>

Does any say nay?

As the Gods and the Old Ones are witness
With those of us present now,
I now proclaim you man and wife1
Thus are thy hands fasted...
The Two are now One,
This work is done
And joy is yet begun!

There is also a portion for the rings using a wand that was left out of ours but is normally placed immediately after the vows and is as follows...

The rings are placed upon the wand before the ritual and the wand upon the altar. (This is written for both Priest and Priestess present)

The priest picks up the wand and holds one end before him in his right hand, the priestess likewise holds the other end in her left hand.

Place your right hands
Over this wand...
And your rings...
His hand over hers.

Above you are the stars
Below you are the stones
As time passes, remember...
Like a star should your love burn brightly,
Like the earth should your love be firm.
Be free in giving of affection and of warmth.
Have no fear, and let not the ways or words
Of the unenlightened give you unease.
For the Gods are with you,
Now and always!

The rings are exchanged during the vows.

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