Practical Applications of the Chaossphere

Fra.: Neonfaust

The Chaossphere is the prime working tool of Chaos magicians and the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT). The physical Chaossphere has a vast range of applications of which a few shall be briefly delineated here:

Meditation employing the Chaossphere:

1, The Chaossphere is a symbol of the primeval Big Bang, it maybe considered as a "frozen explosion" or even as "frozen information". Regard the Chaossphere in a relaxed state, using the 180* stare if you prefer. After a while shut your eyes and meditate on the creative powers of Chaos. Chaos is not disorder let alone entropy but rather the sum total of all possibilities incumbent in existence and the unmanifest as a whole. In this manner you will open the doors to the magickal multiversum for yourself.

2, Proceed as described above simultaneously meditating on Nietzsches Zarathustra admonition: "I say unto you: a man must have chaos yet within him to be able to give birth to a dancing star. I say unto you: ye have chaos yet within you." You can have this statement read aloud to you by a partner or friend during your meditation (or use a cassette recording). Experience shows that this will greatly enhance the effect described above under item number 1.

Sigil charging employing the Chaossphere:

In lieu of other charging techniques you can project the magickal sigil activation into the Chaossphere; banishing (preferably by laughter) should follow immediately. Afterwards aim to forget the whole magickal operation as thoroughly as possible to avoid interference with the sigil's operation by the unwanted rise of consciousness of said operation/sigil and resultant inhibiting psychic censor activity.

Drawing energy employing the Chaossphere:

To be performed preferably after a meditation with the Chaossphere (see above); regard the Chaossphere in a very intensive manner for a while and stretch your palms in its direction. Now close your eyes fully or halfway and suck in the powers of Chaos through your palms while inhaling; exhaling, distribute the energies all over your body or store them in the Hara center (appr. three fingers` width below the navel). You will probably experience these energies as a warm or cool current, possibly as a slightly tingling sensation.

Telepathy employing the Chaossphere:

During a partner experiment participants concentrate on the Chaossphere (can also be performed with different participants working on different locations); observe in a very relaxed state messages, information and/or images rising from the unconscious. Advanced magicians will find that this experiment can be performed successfully via great distances even without participants practicing simultaneously. For Chaos (= pure information) is not restricted by space and time.

Astral projection and lucid dreaming employing the Chaossphere:

1, Using the 180* stare regard the Chaossphere until you experience a strong suction emerging from the sphere and pulling at your "psychic entrails". This can frequently even be felt as a strong physical sensation. Give way to this suction and let your astral body emerge gradually. In the beginning this should be practiced partially, i.e. the astral body portion extracted increasing with every subsequent attempt. Thus, you may for example only project half an arm the first time, the full at the next go etc. Finally the astral body should emerge totally. Be aware that astral projection may demand weeks` or months` dedicated practice to succeed, depending on personal talent and inhibitions. Incidentally, the same technique may be used to extract the magickal doppelganger, personal demons etc.

2, Immediately before dropping off to sleep visualize the Chaossphere as accurately as possible and continue as described above. This will induce either stronger astral projection or lucid dreaming or both. This has proved to be an extremely powerful exercise, but it is strongly suggested that you attempt it only after having acquired a thorough working knowledge with the variant described above under item 1. (If you start off with mental working chances are that you will very soon become severely sloppy without even being aware of the fact; this may in turn inhibit control of magickal powers and could lead to obsession.) You may also want to wake yourself up at 4 a.m. and give this exercise a try for a few minutes before dropping off to sleep again. Take care to note your dreams next thing in the morning, do not - repeat: DO NOT! - rely on your memory alone.

Activating psychogones/chaoservitors employing the Chaossphere:

Use the Chaossphere as a "base camp" and "home" for psychogones/chaoservitors and/or as a form of "launching pad". In case of the former the Chaossphere presents itself as a high class power receptacle and storage battery from which you can extract your psychogones/chaoservitors into the Chaossphere as you would with sigils to be activated; thus, the Chaossphere will become a gate to the Sphere of Chaos for your magickal entities in which (and from which) they will become active in accord with your bidding.

Charging magical objects employing Chaossphere:

Magical objects such as talismans, amulets, fetishes etc. can be charged with the aid of the Chaossphere by fastening them to the sphere or its tip during a ritual, placing them under it etc. while directing the energies of Chaos into the objects in question.

Combat magic training employing the Chaossphere:

During combat magical training the Chaossphere is particularly suited as a power storage battery out of which the magician draws Magis or Mana. It is furthermore used as a combat target while practicing the kiai or other battle cries and martial arts Chi techniques. In the same manner, magickal energy bolts, curses, words of powers and strong affections are hurled emphatically into the Chaossphere where they may be stored for further use.

Charging the Chaossphere:

Experience has shown that the Chaossphere does not demand a special charging by ritual etc. Rather, the charging takes place alone by its practical application. Should you desire to incorporate magickal "condensator" fluids or solids (e.g. as used for charging magickal mirrors) this can easily be achieved by unscrewing the tips and replacing them after filling in the condensator.

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