Safe Travel Spell

Rowan Moonstone

You will need:

  • 2 white candles anointed with sandalwood oil.
  • 1 purple candle anointed with sandalwood oil.
  • Photo or personal articles of the person the spell is for
  • "Personality " candle, appropriate to the recipient of the spell
  • Sandalwood incense

Altar should be arranged as below:

|                                                                   |
|  O (white candle)     O (Personality candle)     O (purple candle |
|  (1)                      (3)                      (4)            |
|                                                                   |
|  O (white candle)        Photos or personal object   O (incense)  |
| (2)                                                      (5)      |
|                                                                   |

Light white candles (1& 2)light personality candle (3) light purple candle (4), light incense (5).Repeat the following invocation:

"Hail Mother of the World!
Nanna, Isis, Astarte, Selene, Holy Sin (pronounced Sheen).
See me, look upon me
See me, look upon me
See me, look upon me
Protect me and my people tonight.
Send your white light around me.
Send your protective light around ______________
That they may be protected
As they travel and as they dream.
Send only good and lucid energies their way.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

You can either let the candles burn out by themselves, or snuff them in reverse order and let them burn a little each night if the person will be on an extended trip. On the last night let them burn down on their own. NEVER blow our or pinch out the candles. This destroys the luck.

BB Rowan

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