Traditional Blessing Prayer

David Piper

The only published copy of the Blessing Prayer that I know of is in the book "Witch Blood! The Diary Of A Witch High Priestess!" by Patricia Crowther in chapter four (paperback edition 1974, House Of Collectibles, Inc.).

"In the name of Dryghtyn, the Ancient Providence,
Who was from the beginning and is for eternity,
Male and Female, the Original Source of all things;
all-knowing, all-pervading, all-powerful;
changeless, eternal.

"In the name of the Lady of the Moon,
and the Lord of Death and Resurrection.

"In the name of the Mighty Ones of the Four Quarters,
the Kings of the Elements.

"Blessed be this place, and this time,
and they who are now with us."

Life, Light, Love!
Blessed Be!
Dianis Lucien

(120) Tue 17 Nov 92 21:12

By: Airmid
To: David Piper
Re: Monism/monotheism
St: @INTL 93:9500/0 93:9500/0

DP> When you examine the "Blessing Prayer" of English Trad Wicca however, the Dryghtyn is obviously more than just a unifying essence since It is called: "the original source of all things; all-knowing, all-pervading, all-powerful; changeless, eternal." It describes the Ultimate, the Absolute, the Godhead of which the God and the Goddess are at one and the same time, both Its Polarities and also Its first Manifestations.

Dryghtyn is also the name used for JHVH in some old English bibles. I think that was where the term actually originated. I think I saw a passing reference to it in some boxed comparative translated text in "In Search of the Indo-Europeans."

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