The Pagan Library
Thu, Jul 25 2024

Othello 3


A simple othello or reversi game. You are black, computer is white.
Drop me email if you have any problems..
Ben Fry

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It looks like the browser you're using doesn't support java. Try downloading the latest copy of HotJava or Netscape Navigator.

If you're already using Netscape Navigator, check the Network Preferences or Security Preferences under the Options menu. Inside that window, click on the Languages tab. Make sure the Disable Java option is not checked, or that the Enable Java button is checked.

I don't make any warranties on the code, but it might be helpful for learning to program in Java. This game is based on an applet by Muffy Barkocy. Please write me if you modify the source or plan to include it on your web site.

A few people have complained that the game was too easy. I'd be happy to incorporate a new algorithm if someone has one in C/C++ or Java. The previous version of this applet is also available.

Let me know if you have any questions, problems, or comments.