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Wed, Dec 06 2023

Pass the Pigs


If you don't know how to play, check out the rules.

Refer to the table below for an explanation of the points that each pig position is worth.

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If you roll a... You will get... If you roll a... You will get...
Razorback razorback 5 points Double Razorback razorback razorback 20 points
Trotter trotter 5 points Double Trotter trotter trotter 20 points
Snouter snouter 10 points Double Snouter snouter snouter 40 points
Leaning Jowler leaningjowler 15 points Double Leaning Jowler leaningjowler leaningjowler 60 points
Pig Out dot no dot 0 points Sider dot dot Or no dot no dot 1 point
Oinker oinker Back to zero Mixed Combo snouter razorback Combined score

Pig fans should e-mail Gary at Gary and tell me how you did against the computer.

Play the German version, thanks to Herbert Hertramph!

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